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GB7CH received its license back in December 2012 and has been an

active member of the wider D-Star repeater network since its first

switch on. The repeater is located at Stenigot on the Lincolnshire

Wolds approximately 10 miles West of Louth.

This repeater is a member of the larger family of repeaters that are

currently active at the repeater site. The other repeaters are GB3LC

70cms Analogue FM, MB7PA 4mtr simplex Parrot and GB3XD

6mtr Analogue FM. All of these repeaters are hosted and maintained

by Brian, G7AJP.

GB7CH Technical Information

TX Frequency:  439.475mhz

RX Frequency:  430.475mhz

Antenna System:  4 Folded Dipoles (shared with GB3LC)

RF Modules:  2 Simoco SRM 9000 (1for TX, 1 for RX)

Repeater Modem:  DVRPTR Version 1 with 1.69 firmware.

Computer Controller: Raspberry Pi Model 2B upgraded 01/11/15

Repeater and IRCDDB Gateway Software by Jonathan Nailor


Internet Connection: High speed fibre optic

System Power: Battery banks charged by Solar Energy.


The repeater has a time server enabled which announces local time

every 30 minutes on the hour and every half hour. The system can

pass users GPS location to the APRS systems on the internet.

Keyboard communication is enabled allowing the D-Rats software

to be utilised. GB7CH is connected to the IRCDDB network which

enables point to point call routing between 2 stations.

System Photographs

Repeater Electronics

The above photograph shows the complete repeater system on test.

The Raspberry Pi is in the green box with the DVRPTR modem in

front between the 2 Simoco RF modules. The transmit module has a

large fan bolted to the heat sink which helps with heat dissipation

and is a must have, especially under busy conditions. The entire

system is powered under test conditions by the Tait PSU. Once the

repeater is back in service it runs under battery/solar energy.