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4mtr Parrot Repeater
We Installed the 4mtr Parrot repeater at our site around June 2014,
the parrot has been in full operation since the switch on last year.

The Stenigot site is a prime location for VHF/UHF radio as it is approximately
500 feet ASL, and can boast of uncluttered views in all directions, this of course
gives us an extremely large RF footprint.

The parrot consists of the following equipment.

TX/RX 70.3625MHZ
CTCSS 71.9
TX Power 5watts
Computer HP5000 Thin Client 128mbyte CF
Radio Converted Ascom
Radio to Computer Interface by Alan M0AQC
Parrot repeater software by Gabriel Rivat F6DQM
The Parrot will give a voice identification beacon every 15 minutes.
Parrot Voice beacon is Kim 2E0KIM
Kim is the voice behind the parrot repeater beacon, she
has been licensed since 2003 and is active on HF
bands using digital modes "namely PSK31".
The above photo shows all of the hardware used with the parrot repeater, the HP thin client is connected
to the monitor showing the repeater software, this was written by F6DQM. The Ascom is in the
center of the photo with the M0AQC interface sitting on top, to the right is the Taite PSU running everything.
The monitor is shown for reference only, it is not used when running 24/7, the parrot therefore runs headless.

We have not internet linked the parrot as we feel this is totally unnecessary for this band.

Any questions please feel free to email us.

The Parrot Hardware/software