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My Interfaces


If you are interested in working HF Digimodes/SSTV or VHF/UHF SSTV, or want to set up your own EcholinkAllstar Gateway system then you're going to need a decent interface.

You can spend anywhere from £25.00 to over £200.00 for a good reliable interface, if you need a low cost extremely reliable option then look no further than here.

I have been supplying interfaces for many years. My units have worked flawlessly with all AFSK digimodes, including SSTV and DRM (Easypal Digital SSTV). Other uses have been with Echolink/Allstar and  The Free Radio Network roip systems.

I am a local Radio amateur with huge experience in all digital modes, therefore not only are you buying an excellent product but my after sales service and support are first class.

If I can help please email me at......  alanm0aqc@btinternet.com


This photograph shows the complete interface with its radio connector 6 pin mini din. You can see the sound card jacks and the USB connector. Although this shows 6 pin mini din radio connector I can supply it fully wired with the correct connector to suit your radio.

This photograph shows the front view of the interface. It is supplied with a bright red led to indicate when TX is active.

This photograph shows the interface connected to my Acer One Computer net book, it is also connected to the Baofeng UV5R HT, this makes an excellent home and portable Echolink/Free Radio Network system. Allstar configuration can be supplied at extra cost. Of course the radio can be exchanged for a mobile vhf/uhf unit to give greater range, and also supplied fully wired to your main HF radio to enable the use of all AFSK based digimodes including SSTV.

Another photograph taken at a different angle showing the full ROIP/Digimode setup.

If I can help please contact me.. email address is.. alanm0aqc@btinternet.com

M0AQC Inter 2