Some Admin Completed

After dropping the ball last week, I updated the Brandmeister credentials in self care for the repeater. The default password no longer working from the 1st October and the result was the Repeater dropping off Brandmeister for a few hours until I sorted it.

I also noticed that the SSL auto-renew did not work correctly and so I issued a new SSL key and applied it to the Website DNS records manually. You will now not get the security warning when accessing the web site.

I have no idea why the SSL renewal went south, but it has been a common experience with all users of the Web hosting platform Plesk, which I host and manage all my web clients on!

In addition to the Static Talk Group dedicated to Loughton and Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society (LEFARS) on TS2 TG23511 I have also added Brandmeister TG235, the UK call TG as a Static Talk Group on Slot 2.

In addition, I am temporarily adding:

TS2 TG2350 UK
TS2 TG2351 (UK Chat)
TS2 TG2352 (UK Chat)
TS2 TG2353 (UK Chat)

I will see how it goes and think about TS2 TG 23526 (Hubnet), but I am worried about too much incoming traffic blocking the timeslot.

I am leaving Slot 1 for Dynamic TG use. Please disconnect from your chosen Talk Group when finished by making a Group Call to TG 4000.